2016 Sportage 2.0crdi AWD AT tuning

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    • 2016 Sportage 2.0crdi AWD AT tuning

      My 2016 4WD auto 136hp diesel was three years old with 20tkm when I purchased it very cheaply. Things done to it since:

      - Bigger turbo, turbo back exhaust (3"-> 2,5"-> 2x 2"), dual exhaust and
      rear diffusor from Skoda Octavia RS molded to to original rear bumper,
      W/M injection, BG automatic oil additive, RVS treatment. Remap on
      rollers 239hp/520Nm, consumption 30% down.

      - Painted all plastics to body colour (D5) plus some piano black,
      plastic side sills for looks and to prevent stone chips, 1K ceramic

      - 20" wheels/245-45-20 tires (summer and winter set). Ride confort is
      somewhat maintained with super light wheels and oversize tires
      (245-40-20 equals to original size) and speedometer is spot on with GPS
      speed now.

      - Upgraded to cube style LED fog lights (original, not Chinese DRL), upgraded original D3S 35W xenon
      headlights to D1S 70W, 180W LED bar hidden behind bumper slot + 2x72W spot LED
      bars hidden behind grille, led parking/brake light between original LED
      tail lights (Chinese crap, but now improved), custom made COB led panels
      inside lower rear lights to make much nicer turn signals and much
      better reversing lights, glossy black tint on all rear lights.

      - No rear wiper anymore (don't need it, don't want it), aftermarket electric trunk opener.

      - Window tints.

      - Dynamat sound insulation, rust proofing.

      - Eberspächer additional diesel heater with phone remote control and GPS tracking

      - GT steering wheel, 8" screen, LED dome/trunk lights.

      - Engine under guard made out of I-bond composite.




      Now 80tkm on the clock. Not fast, but faster than 2021 Audi A4 40tfsi Quattro on a straight and surprisingly on twisty roads too.

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    • And here's some pictures:

      Originally no tail pipe at all

      Rear diffuser and pipe tips from Skoda Octavia RS.

      Custom COB LED for turn signals and reversing lights. Picture before black tint.

      3" Downpipe -> 2,5" -> 2x 2". Everything stainless steel. Very quiet until you floor it, then nice deep growl. Very happy with the sound as I don't like excess noise.


      On rollers

      High beam setup. Everything welded to avoid shaking.


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    • Hi,
      you really put lots of effort, time and money in yor QL!
      It all looks well thought and professional built, congratulations!
      There are lots of people here which also tune and pimp their cars (I'm not one of them ;) , and I really wonder why there is so little feedback.
      It may be due to the few english writing members.
      Where do you live? (I'm asking out of curiosity and because I see problems in getting official licence from european technical authorities like TÜV or MOT for most of your modifications)
      Von 9-2012 bis 3-2021, 203tkm: SLS 2.0Diesel HP AWD Spirit, Schalter, Pano, AHK, weiß
      Seit 3-2021: QLE 2.0Diesel GT Line Mild Hybrid, Schalter, Pano, Technikpaket, Deluxeweiß
    • I apologize for writing in English, but I can always use Google translate if someone wants to reply in German.

      Not that much money, I do collision repairs and painting for living. Most of the work is done by my 16 year (at the time) old son. I live in Scandinavia and some (or even most) things done to this car are illegal. Would be nice to find out if there is someone who has tuned these diesel engines even further than me. I was expecting something like 260-280hp out of this setup, but we had to leave it as it is because of AT (6 speed). Every time we added power on the rollers we noticed three little bumps on the dyno curve and they started to get bigger and bigger. As this is a daily driver there's no point pushing it further. Now 50tkm later everything seems to be still fine and I really drive it like stolen.

      Back some 15 years ago I have done a -96 VW T4 2.5TDI 380hp/850Nm and a MB W201 with OM606 (3,0TD IDI inline six, 24 valves) 692hp/1250Nm, both daily drivers. So Sportage is just a very mild tune up powerwise. It would be still nice to find out if there is some gasoline Sportage pushing serious power through its AT (because ATs are kind of similar gasoline vs diesel).